Strengthening Families

Everything we do at CAC focuses on strengthening families, strengthening lives and ultimately strengthening our community.  We strengthen families by helping them overcome crises and remain in their homes. We strengthen lives by providing tools to improve their futures, which ultimately leads to a stronger community. CAC also strengthens the community by bringing together caring donors and volunteers who want to help their neighbors in need.

CAC is a charitable, volunteer-driven nonprofit where donors and volunteers provide basic needs to families and individuals facing temporary and chronic poverty. We choose to help families stay in their homes rather than allow them to be evicted and become homeless. We choose to give assistance for utility bills rather allow neighbors to lose heat or electricity.  We choose to provide families with food so that they don’t have to decide between paying rent or eating.

When individuals and families get past their crisis situation and are secure in basic needs they can then focus on their future.  CAC assists with this critical component of a path to self-sufficiency. When families facing crisis situations stay in place and become productive members of society once again, we have made those families stronger and ultimately strengthen our community, too.