New building on Northwood Drive that will house CAC’s south Sandy Springs branch office and food pantry.

Community Assistance Center exceeded its “Strengthen Our Foundation” Campaign goal in 2021 raising more than $900,000 which is funding projects for three CAC facilities. Construction is nearing completion for the build out of a 3,500 sq. ft south Sandy Springs Branch Office in a new development on Northwood Drive. Renovations are under way at CAC’s HQ building at 1130 Hightower Trail and funds will be used to replace the parking lot at 8607 Roswell Road.  We want to express our sincere appreciation for all who supported the campaign and these important initiatives including, the Association of General Contractors of Georgia Young Leadership Program, congregations, businesses, many individuals and funders such as the Fraser-Parker Foundation, James M. Cox Foundation, Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation, and the Tull Charitable Foundation.  

CAC’s South Sandy Springs Branch Office (120 Northwood Drive)

CAC secured a retail space at a rate of $5.00 per sq. ft. for the term of a 10-year lease. This is a triple net rate therefore funds were needed to complete the buildout of the space. This branch will house a food processing area, client choice market, waiting area, as well as 4 interview rooms which accommodate our clients’ privacy and security. Funds will also be used for food pantry fixtures and equipment and furniture for client intake rooms and general office operations.

CAC understands the importance of convenient access to services. When founded in 1987 and until it moved to north Sandy Springs in 2004, the majority of the clients we served came from the 30342 and 30328 zip codes. After the move, the majority who were able to access services resided in the 30350 area codes. As the organization grew and was able to secure more resources, leadership knew a south Sandy Springs Branch was needed and thus planned to open one as part of the CAC’s 2015 Strategic Plan. The branch office open in 2018 and in the first full year of service, the organization served 500 more families. CAC continued to help families in that area as the property was sold and redeveloped. We are excited to be returning to the same location in a new building and once again be a more integral part of the community there.

Construction is nearing completion for CAC’s South Sandy Springs Branch and we look forwaRoad to reopening in April 2022 to help our neighbors in need there.

CAC’s Headquarters (1130 Hightower Trail)

Campaign funds will be used for renovations and improvements to the 1130 Hightower Headquarters facility. The cleaning and painting of the exterior of the building are complete, the build out of CAC’s New Career Center on the lower level is underway. More improvements to come in the near future include: Reception Area, Bathrooms, Client Interview Rooms, and exterior window replacement.

For many years, CAC occupied a small donated space at Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church in Sandy Springs until it purchased the 35-year-old building at Hightower Trail in 2004. CAC occupied a portion of the building and rented out the remainder, but quickly needed full use of the facility to house program expansion. By the end of 2018, the Food Pantry and Thrift Shop had moved to CAC’s newly acquired building at 8607 Roswell Road and vacated space at Hightower Trail was used to expand CAC’s Adult Education program and manage the Youth Programs in house. Administrative offices and Client Assistance services continue to housed here and we are excited about the opportunity to create a new physical space the Career Center Program launched in 2021.

Food Pantry and Thrift Shop (8607 Roswell Road)

The purchase of 8607 Roswell Road was completed in 2018 and approximately $650,000 was invested in upgrades and renovations which includes expenditures for a new roof, electrical and lighting, exterior painting, significant interior construction and more. The parking lot was not resurfaced at that time. Due to the volume of car and truck traffic and resulting deterioration of the surface and safety integrity, we are replacing the driveway and parking lot in ALL areas around the building. Parking spaces will be re-striped and areas that were not previously designated can be more efficiently configure to accommodate more parking spaces needed for program operations.

Funds will also be used for additional improvement to 8607 Roswell Road and include an awning at the Thrift Shop donation door, Roswell Road frontage permanent signage, and updates in Food Pantry and Thrift Shop.

Community Assistance Center has methodically and intentionally grown since 1987 to meet the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors as the primary provider of Human Services in the cities of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody. By working with a broad base of community members and supporting organizations, CAC has been a stabilizing force for neighbors who face the financial difficulties of everyday living as well as during an economic crisis. Investments in facilities through the years have allowed CAC to reach and serve more in need.