CAC Celebrates Volunteers at our Appreciation Luncheon – April 8th, 2022

Congratulations to Judy Lagerbloom, recipient of the Mitzi O’Connell Care & Compassion Award

Judy exemplifies the values of CAC to make a difference in the lives of the those she serves, as well as the volunteers she works beside. She makes clients feel good about themselves and they feel comfortable asking for help.  Judy has taken on countless roles as a CAC volunteer including: managing the reception desk, interviewing countless clients, answering the phones, and other vital services that made our clients feel valued and welcome. She has trained dozens of interviewers and even has cashiered at the Thrift Store and Judy also leads her congregation at CAC on Saturdays.  Doing all these things with grace and love and is well-deserving of this prestigious award.

The Care & Compassion Award was renamed this year in memory of Mitzi O’Connell, the first recipient of the award created in 2014, which goes to a volunteer who exemplifies everything that CAC stands for:   

Dignity, Respect, Honesty, Diversity, Ownership and Compassion. Mitzi volunteered for CAC for more than 25 years.  She quietly led the thrift shop operations during the early days when it was just a clothing closet in a Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church space; and she helped guide its transformation to the beautiful 3,500 square foot store we now have on Roswell Road.  CAC’s thrift store growth and success was in large part, due to the contributions Mitzi made through volunteering.  She truly showed us the impact one person can make in the life of others.  Sadly, we lost our dear Mitzi earlier this year and while we don’t get to see her smiling face, her spirit of giving will forever live on at CAC.  In honor of Mitzi and her dedication to CAC, we think it was fitting to rename the award in her memory.  Mitzi’s husband, Mark was in attendance to present the award.

Every year, CAC recognizes Years of Service for Volunteers who have served for five years or more. In addition, special awards are given for those who contribute in their own special way.

Mitzi O’Connell Care & Compassion Award

Judy Lagerbloom

Rookie of the Year

Paul Hargaden

Extra Mile Award

Charlotte Terrel

Service with a Smile

Sue Koeneman

Glutton for Punishment

Sibet Freides

Jill of All Trades

Beppie Lever

VITA volunteer of the year

Sarah McCormick

Teacher of the Year

Doug Lott and Wayne Smith

Dunwoody Volunteer of the Year

Skip and Joy Babcock

Worker Bee

Donna Watkins

CAC Special Volunteer Award Winners 2022

CAC Volunteer Service Award Winners 2022

25 Years

10 years

5 Years

Eileen Epstein

Carol Armstrong

Debbie Emery


Pam Black

Ann Fine

20 Years

Richard Boughton

Linda Friedman

Beppie Lever

Rue Brodbeck

Janet Galanti


Ruth Brown

Karen Giles

15 years

Lois Burdge

Susan Goldman

Anne Bridges

Carolyn Dishman

Benay Gunby

Sheryl Brothers

Frances Duys

Kathy Harbin

Lynne Jackson

Pamela Erk

Jennifer Hochman

Pat Joyce

John Harris

Doug Huffman

Peggy Koch

Becca Herman

Todd Hyman

Doug Maio

Pat Johnston

Susan Hux

Mary Vaughan

Jeffrey Jordan

Steve Kahn

Sandy Williams

Jesse Kash

Mary Kash


Lynn Kleinberg

Betty Kurkjian


Judy Lagerbloom

Bruce Lady


Brenda Letzler

Leslie Lady


Jeannie Longley

Ann Latty


Elizabeth Peterson

Ellen Lindemann


Sylvia Pryor

Doug Lott


Gena Rothermel

Sari Marmur


Bob Schultz

Sarah McCormick


Melanie Smith

Kendra Plotkin


Cece Webster

Phil Plotkin


Don Webster

Barbara Quirk


Sally Williams

Sally Razook



Michelle Remack


5 Years

Jimmy Rivera


Bia Bell

Mark Sauer


Jerry Biales

Jamie Shailer


Sheila Biales

Kim Sims


Kay Brake

Wayne Smith


Sallie Chasteen

Harvey Spiegel


Claudia Corsino

Nancy Trusty


Nicanor Cozonac

Elaine Waidelich


Susan Culpepper

Brenda Winsberg


Nancy Echikson

Craig Zimmerman


Ronda Edwards

Anita Zipperman