The first three Saturdays of every month, you can find a group of English learners at the Rivercliff Community Center, gathered around tables, mugs in hand. The point of the conversation is not the topics discussed, but rather, that the conversation is held in English.

All attendees of this small conversation group are either ESOL students or teachers at the CAC’s Adult Education program. With hundreds of students from all over the world spread over seven levels of English instruction, the program focuses on both by-the-book vocabulary and grammar, as well as practical English for everyday life. Students exchange assistance and form lifelong bonds as they learn English, giving them a support structure in their new country of residence.

To enhance classroom instruction, Monica Fernandez, the CAC Education Director, put together this thrice-monthly conversation group to give students a chance to have casual conversation and put their skills to use. “We discuss everything – from tastes in food to current events. We recently had a discussion about strange animals, which was perfect for developing new vocabulary,” she shares. Coffee and other drinks are provided while the students chat.

The group fluctuates in attendance from a handful to a couple of dozen students and teachers. English learners are encouraged to bring family and friends.  Everyone, including native English speakers, are welcome to join! Please contact for more information.