Sandy Springs, GA – The Community Assistance Center (CAC), which provides basic needs assistance for Sandy Springs and Dunwoody area residents, announces that its food assistance efforts continue to have significant positive impact on local families. A recent analysis shows that the average family of four is receiving food worth almost $800 per month through CAC’s supplemental food program.

CAC works to eradicate food insecurity for local families in need by providing access for individuals and families to shop weekly at any of the three CAC Mini-Markets in the Perimeter area. By operating similarly to a grocery store, these food pantries encourage households to select groceries based on their individual needs and preferences, helping families maintain access to nutritious foods as they resolve a personal financial crisis.

Offerings in the CAC Mini-Markets include both shelf stable and fresh foods like produce, bread, meat, dairy products, and prepared foods. Every week there are different, high-quality items for clients to select. There is no cost to CAC clients to shop at CAC Mini-Markets, but instead are limited to a certain amount per week based on the size of their family unit.

Gretty Figueroa, CAC Food Pantry Manager, took a ‘shopping trip’ at the main Mini-Market located at 8607 Roswell Road. She selected food as if she were a client shopping for a family of four. The trip resulted in a shopping cart filled to the brim with the standard allotment for a typical CAC family. Fresh leafy greens, new potatoes, and apples, nestled next to multiple containers of refrigerated dairy products and plant-based milk. Cans and boxes of pantry staples were heaped in the basket as well, as well as several pounds of frozen, quality cuts of meat. On this shopping trip, pre-made fresh meals, a package of baked pastries, and whole-grain breads rounded out this “family’s” weekly food supplement.

You can hear the pride in Gretty’s voice when she talks about the products that CAC stocks. “This is high-quality food that anyone would be happy to have in their kitchen.” Through food partners like the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Midwest Food Bank, and Second Helpings Atlanta, as well as relationships developed with local grocery stores directly, CAC’s shelves may hold products from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Publix, Kroger, Aldi, and more. Often, products suitable for dietary restrictions are available.

When Gretty tallied the current market price of the foods in the allotment, she was impressed: the total came to just over $185 for the week, equating to roughly $795 per month. She wondered out loud, “Can you imagine the impact of $800 per month on a family’s budget?”

CAC’s supplemental food program multiplies its impact by both providing quality food, and freeing up space in a family’s budget to pay other bills like rent, utilities, car payments, and more. With Atlanta’s Consumer Price Index continuing to rise, CAC’s supplemental food assistance program makes a real difference in the ability of neighbors in need to avoid hunger and food insecurity as they stabilize their immediate situation, regroup, and move towards thriving as a part of our community.

To help CAC keep families in need fed, visit Donations of most-needed items are welcome at the main CAC Mini-Market (8607 Roswell Road) from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 3:30pm, or on Saturdays from 9:30am-12:30pm. Cash donations via our website are encouraged to purchase most-needed foods in bulk at discount.