Deloitte’s team of 20 awesome volunteers made a huge difference in our community by helping out at the CAC Canopy Thrift Shop and Mini-Market food pantry. They were a big help in keeping the thrift store organized and inviting, making it a great place for people to find affordable items. By tackling a mountain of new donations and sorting items to be put out for purchase, they ensured the store ran smoothly and helped raise funds for community programs. Their hard work made the thrift store a success, which in turn supported local families.

At the food pantry, Deloitte’s volunteers were equally amazing. They received, sorted, and repacked food, making sure families in need got nutritious meals. Their help made the pantry more efficient and brought a warm, caring touch to everyone they served. The dedication and energy of these volunteers not only made a big impact on the operations but also inspired others in the community to get involved. Overall, Deloitte’s volunteers showed just how much of an #ImpactThatMatters people can make when they come together to support those in need.