Toshia Battle

Northrup Grumman

Toshia is a Program Manager with Northrop Grumman Corporation. As part of the Program Management team she oversees and manages operations to support $20m government contracts. She leads collaborative functional operations teams, human resource management and development, including resource allocation for multiple projects, and manages budgets and schedules to execute programs successfully. Toshia’s expertise is focused on implementing business initiatives across multi-functional teams and navigating rapidly changing environments with competing priorities. She holds an Executive MBA with a focus in Leadership from University of Georgia, Terry College of Business. She also has a BBA from James Madison University. Toshia serves the Northrop Grumman Employee Resource Groups (ERG) as Vice President of the Atlanta Chapter Northrop Grumman Women’s International Network (NGWIN) and as Treasurer of the Atlanta Chapter African American Task Group (AATG).