Building Hope Campaign 2016

For more than 30 years, CAC has helped families and individuals during their time of need when faced with financial challenges due to loss of income and unexpected expenses that put them as risk of losing their homes. As our cities grew and community needs increased, it became apparent that CAC’s 1130 Hightower Trail facility (purchased in 2004) was no longer sufficient to operate and grow vital programs.

CAC recognized the need to serve more. Approximately 40,000 of the 150,000 residents (26%) in CAC’s service area have family incomes of $45,000 or less, according to U.S. Census data. In 2016, CAC served 5,500 individuals and 80 percent of those clients live on $20,000 or less.

Under the leadership of CAC’s Board of Directors and guidance of the organizations 2020 Strategic Plan, CAC embarked on a three-year, $2.4 million Building Hope Campaign for expansion to support 45 percent more people in need. Expansion would provide greater accessibility to those living in poverty, and enhance services designed to help clients lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty.

In December 2018, CAC met its $2.4M goal six months early thanks to a very generous $300,000 challenge grant issue in May 2018 to inspire new gifts and “cap off” gifts from early donors. The success of the Building Hope Campaign has positioned CAC to reach many more families and individuals throughout its service area of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody and enhance and add services designed to help clients lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty. Specifically, this very important initiative allowed CAC to:

  • Purchase and renovate an additional building at 8607 Roswell Road in north Sandy Springs.
  • Expand the CAC Thrift Boutique operations to provide more free and low cost goods (clothing, household items and furniture) to clients while growing earned income from sales to the public  to support operations and program.
  • Expand Food Pantry operations and key partnerships with the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Second Helpings Atlanta to serve 45 percent more in the next 5 years.
  • Improve access to those living in south Sandy Springs with the addition of a new satellite office.
  • Expand the Adult Education program with additional class room space which was vacated by the thrift shop move from Hightower Trail.
  • In 2019, CAC plans to establish a new Career Center and build a Job Connections program with local area businesses which will promote self-sufficiency by offering a path to income grow and greater financial stability.
  • In 2019, CAC plans to improve access to Dunwoody residents with the addition of a new satellite office in Dunwoody.

Strong Community Support

From a strong start in 2016 with significant contributions from the CAC board of directors and volunteers in the amount of $638,191 to our most recent generous Georgia Power Foundation grant of $25,000, CAC’s campaign received broad based community support. Gifts from individuals, foundations, business and congregations ranged in size from $10 to $300,000.



Milestones in the Campaign

Georgia Power Area Manager Jeff Petrea (center) presents a check to Pam Jones, left, and Tamara Carrera of CAC.

January 2019: The Georgia Power Foundation “powered” CAC’s fundraising past its $2.4M goal with a generous $25,000 grant!

December 2018: Challenge match was met securing the Building Hope Campaign goal of $2.4M!

June 2018: At the $1.8 Million mark, a new donor issued a challenge to CAC to raise $300,000 and they would match it with a $300,000 grant to bring us to our goal of $2.4 Million!

May 1, 2018: Building Dedication, Ribbon Cutting and Open House

August 16, 2017: CAC Sledgehammer Ceremony Honors Donors of Building Hope Campaign, Kicks Off Building Renovations

June 2016: CAC Building Hope Campaign initiated.


Thank you everyone who donated to the Building Hope Campaign:

Kenneth and Sally Abele
Jeff and Julie Ackemann
Linda Alexionok
Candace Apple
Carol Armstrong
Howard & Colleen Austin
Liza Avery
Bob and Carolyn Axt
Diane Baer
Alice and Byrd Ball
Bank of America
Ellen and Sam Banov
Alan Barnes
William and Pamela Barnett
Roy and Karen Baron
Villard and Lydie Bastien
Beatrix Bell
Ron and Laura Ben-Moshe
Anne Bennett
Nancy and Adam Berger
Lois and Donald Berman
Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation, Inc.
David Birkmeyer
Sherri and Bill Bornstein
Ralph Bowlin
Stephen Bridges
Roger and Anne Bridges
Rue Brodbeck
Sheryl Brothers
Ruth Brown
Janet Butcher
Jim Caldwell
John and Diane Campbell
James and Sharon Carmical
Tamara Carrera & Carlos Diaz
Carter USA
Sallie Chasteen
Millard and Sue Choate
Diane Christian
David and Doris Christopher
Church of the Redeemer
Scott and Judy Chyatte
Glenn Conoley
David & Melanie Couchman
Nicanor Cozonac
Bill and Frances Creekmuir
Charles and Ellen Crosby
Mary Daniel
Laura and DJ DeLong
Dick and Barbara Derrick
Karen and Ben Deutsch
Nancy and Morton Dimenstien
Carolyn Dishman
David and Catherine Dixon
Nancy and Mike Doss
Shelly and Eugene Dozier-McKee
Dunwoody United Methodist Church
Frances Duys
Owen and Joannie Dwoskin
David and Elizabeth Earhart
Kenneth and Lori Elston
Michael and Sharna Epstein
Stacey and David Epstein
Eileen Epstein
Benjamin Epstein
Beverly Evans
Lawrence and Simie Faskowitz
Lynn Feiman
Marge and Bob Fowler
Janet Galanti
Matthew and Danielle Garrett
Genuine Parts Company
Georgia Power Foundation
Karen Giles
Joan Gill and Carl Welch
Karen Goldsberry
Eric and Frances Gorski
Benay Elizabeth Gunby
Donald and Katie Hall
Lori Halpern
Jeff and Phyllis Halter
Kathleen Harbin
Terry and Jill Hartigan
Pat Hartigan
The Hartley Family Fund
John and Jan Hedrick
Timothy and Amy Helton
Fay Hendricks
Becce Herman
Anne and Chip Hicks
Milt and Janis Hill
Bryant Hodgson Jr
Holder Construction
Kevin & Maureen Horgan
Gene & Mary Sue Howard
Katherine Hucks
Doug and Jana Hunter
Bruce Hunter
Lynne Jackson
Don and Deb Jansen
Don and Sandra Jewell
John & Polly Sparks Foundation
Carol & Craig Johns
Barbara and Michael Johnston
Bill and Jennie Johnston
Pat Johnston
John and Gail Jokerst
Pam Jones
Carol Jones
Gene and Clancy Jordan
Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation
Pat and Michael Joyce
Elizabeth Julian
Kairos Church
Pat and Bill Kane
Carla and Rimas Kapeska
Eric and Karen Kasowski
Arnie & Barbara Katinsky
Jane and Keith Keller
Jim and Barbara Kelley
Elizabeth Kelly
Jim and Kelley Maura
Curtis and Marilyn Kimball
Bryant King
Jon and Lynn Kleinberg
Peggy Koch
Brad and Sue Koeneman
Betty Kurkjian
Judy and James Lagerbloom
Jack and Debbie Lane
Steve and Kathie Larkin
Alan and Sarah Larson
Kevin and Ann Latty
Fey Lau
Catherine and Conrad Lautenbacher
Susan and Conrad Lautenbacher, Jr
Jeff Lebow
Judy Lehmann
Jon and Brenda Letzler
Beppie and Guy Lever
Susan Levy
Kenney and Sidney Linton
Sam Linton

Anne Marie Lochner
Albert Loebe
Lester and Jeannie Longley
Vickie and Sam Lott
William and Rita Loventhal,III
Lutheran Church of Marietta
Michael Lynch
Missy and Doug MacGinnitie
Marian MacLeod-Elliott
Doug Maio
Candy Martin
Mary Mastrogiovanni
Caroline Mayson
Bryant and Nancy McDaniel
Sally and Charles McLaughlin
Jack and Lynn McLaughlin
Mercedes Benz USA
Mark and Mickie Merlin
Beverly Midwood
Rabbi Rachael Miller
Dale Miller
Tracy and Barry Mirkin
Debbie Mitcham
Susan Mitchell
Thomas and Sara Money
Bruce and Dale Morine
Jim and Caren Morrison
Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church
Terry Nall
Vish Narenda
Marguerite Nelson
Northside Hospital
Patti and William Obert
Mark and Mitzi O’Connell
Evert Oerding
Mark and Debbie Olson
Katherine Oppenheimer
Nick Orphan
Robert and Anne Parker
Pete and Sally Parsonson
Patricia & Marcus Meier Charitable Fund
Martha Perdomo
Elizabeth Peterson
Teri and Derrick Polk
Mark and Judy Pollock
Post Exchange Catering
Laura Prescott
Thomas and Marilyn Reese
Wes and Celine Reynolds
Marion and Pam Rivers
Rion and Yvonne Rizzio
Virgina Robinson
Byers Rogan
Claire Roper
Bob and Sandra Rose
Debra Rosen
Charlie and Gena Rothermel
Brenda and Bill Rothschild
Linda Sands
Sandy Springs Christian Church
Cathy Sareeram
Thomas Sareeram
Annette Satterfield
Susan Saudek
Judy Sauer
Robert and Margaret Schack
Barbara Schwendler
Ed and Shirley Schiffer
Bill Schilling
Lynne Schlosberg
Scott and Darra Schmidt
Bob Schmidt
Ann and Irv Schoenberg
Nancy Schrage
Bob and Margaret Schultz
Ruth and Paul Schultz
Robert Schultz
Sabrina and Mel Schulze
Debbie and Peter Schwartz
William and Barbara Schwendler
Judy Seaman
Jaime Shailer
Elna Johanna Sheetz
Dorris Shelton Gulley and William Gulley
Debi Shendleman
Jerald and Sheila Sherman
Bill Shilling
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stjostrom
Marvin “Jerry” Smith
Myron and Merle Smith
Marie Smith
David Smith
Kathy Glazer Smith and Andrew Smith
Richard and Alva Synder
Stan and Debbie Sonenshine
Tim and Carolyn Southard
Joseph and Marion Spann
Harvey Spiegel
Michelle Stahl
Patrice and Charles Stark
Bivian Stephens
Dr. Michael Stewart
David Stockert and Cammie Ives
Arthur and Janet Stockslager
Luci and Stan Sunshine
Suntrust Foundation
Cheryl Sykes
Babette Tanenbaum
Peter and Nancy Tartikoff
The Cross Foundation
The Imlay Foundation
The James M Cox Foundation
The Livingston Foundation
The Shumard Foundation
The Tull Foundation
Nathan Tieman
Luis Torres
Beth and Marvin Towner
Robert and Nancy Trusty
Shavette Turner
Mary Vaughan
Rick Venable
Alice Villa
Bill and Judith Vogel
Elaine and William Waidelich Jr
Rick and Polly Warren
Don and Rosemary Weber
Cece and Don Webster
Danyse Weinberg
Daniel Weiss
Van and Susan Westmoreland
Sandy Williams
Hylda Wilson
Ward and Mary Jo Winer
Sheryl and Robert Winton
Craig and Bonnie Wisdom
Kathy Woodworth
Nikki Yarnall
Randy and Sharon Young
Sylvia Zeigler