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Overall Building Hope campaign goal:

Contributions to the $2.4 million Building Hope Campaign are funding the purchase and renovation of a 14,000 square foot building at 8607 Roswell Road. The facility now houses expanded CAC Boutique thrift shop and Food Pantry services.

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Challenge to Raise $300,000 to Get $300,000 Match:

At $1.8M we got a challenge match grant of $300,000. When we raise $300,000 the donor will give $300,000 to meet our overall Building Hope goal of $2.4 Million!

Building Hope Campaign $300,000 Challenge Match!

We are almost at our Building Hope Campaign goal of $2.4 Million for CAC expansion! With just $600,000 left to go a generous donor offered to contribute $300,000 when we raise $300,000! Please help us reach the $300,000 mini-goal, see below for our progress so far, and thank you!

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