Holiday Food List

When you give Holiday Food to CAC, a local family gets an extra box of food to take home during the holiday season. If you wish to give holiday food, please pack the contents listed below in a box and label the box CAC Holiday Food. Boxes for copy paper work well.

Please bring donations to: CAC, 1130 Hightower Trail, Sandy Springs, GA 30350
Donation delivery times M-F 9am-12pm or 3pm-4:30 pm
To arrange a different time or for large donations contact Jacqui at or 770-552-4889
Thank You!

Cranberry Sauce, 1 can
Fruit, 2 cans
Gravy, 1 packet
Green Beans, 2 cans
Instant mashed potatoes, 1
Macaroni & Cheese, 1 family size   
Oil, 1 plastic bottle
Rice, 1 lb bag

Salt, 1
Soup, 2 cans
Spaghetti or Pasta, 1 box
Stuffing, 1 box or bag
Tomato Sauce, 1 jar    
Tuna or Chicken, 2 cans
Vegetables, 2 cans    
Yams or Sweet Potatoes, 1 16oz. can

SIZES: Standard sized containers are best, oversized or family size containers are difficult to pack and carry for many of our clients using public transportation. Please give food in plastic rather than glass jars when possible.

EXPIRATION DATE: For safety reasons, canned and dry goods past the three-month expiration date cannot be distributed.