Our Mission

Vision:  To create a community whose basic needs are met, whose members are self-sufficient and have confidence to thrive.

Mission:  Community Assistance Center provides basic needs assistance for neighbors to prevent homelessness and hunger while promoting self-sufficiency and empowering them to thrive.


CAC is a cornerstone of the human services network in the northern Perimeter area. Since 1987, CAC has played a vital role in the cities of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody by preventing hunger and homelessness, providing assistance for basic needs such as utilities, food and clothing, and actively engaging clients to work towards greater self-sufficiency.

The need for human services in the Sandy Springs and Dunwoody communities is real. In suburban neighborhoods across the Atlanta region, increasing numbers of families struggle to make ends meet. Like many communities across the country, they are experiencing new challenges related to suburban poverty.  Atlanta has experienced a dramatic demographic shift between 2000 and 2011 as the number of people living in poverty in the Atlanta suburbs grew by almost 160 percent. The need for assistance among residents of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody continues to increase as the cities grow and living expenses escalate.

Prevention is the single most effective intervention for homelessness and hunger. CAC helps about 570 households a year avoid eviction with emergency financial assistance for rent or utilities. Each eviction prevented brings hope and the opportunity to regain stability for the family and contributes to a stronger and more stable community through gains in individual productivity.

Hunger is a daily struggle for many families in our community and impacts the ability of adults to function effectively in the workplace and their children’s performance at school. Eighty percent of the individuals coming to CAC for the first time state they skip at least one meal a day and routinely do not have enough food to feed their families. CAC gives food to about 500 households a month. Of the 5,600 individuals that CAC touches annually, 42 percent are children aged newborn to 19 years.

For anyone facing a crisis, knowing where to find help is often the biggest hurdle. CAC understands the unique challenges faced by lower-income families and is the first point of contact for Sandy Springs and Dunwoody residents in need. CAC provides resources and referrals to solve their problems and helps to stabilize the family while charting a course towards greater financial independence for their future.

Since 1987, CAC has helped more than 20,000 households cope with financial hardship.